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About us

1 The Studio

Loket studio

Loket Design was founded by Bart Ruijpers in 2019. Fifteen years of consultancy and in-house experience, and numerous award-winning designs realized, led to this and we're excited to work on any project that comes our way.

A frequent judge for international design competitions like the Clio Awards, the European Design Awards and the TISDC Taiwan, Bart previously was the Director of Industrial Design at Karim Rashid's studio in New York, and Vice President of Design at eos.

Working with a network of exceptionally talented creative people, from graphic designers, web developers and prototypers, to copy-writers, production engineers and supply chain specialists, we make sure we assemble the right team to get your idea designed and made.

2 Industrial Design

Diagram of folding chair

With over a decade of experience in industrial design, we know what it takes to make a product reality. Our greatest design goal is to create elegant solutions for life's little complexities while anticipating the big hurdles brands must overcome.

From function, ergonomics, materials, production processes, sustainability, and pricing, we're very well-versed in all aspects of the product development process.

Finally, we believe that good design is always the result of collaboration and a shared vision. It's our job to take your passion seriously—then we find a way to make it happen practically.

3 Packaging

Diagram of bottle

Every product has a story, and we help you tell that story by creating a holistic image of brand and product through structure and graphics.

Custom designed when possible, or sourced stock packaging when that is the right canvas.

4 Visualization

When speed to market is of the essence, rendering can be an alternative to photography.

For investor decks, e-commerce environments, or packaging and display applications, we can quickly render consistently beautiful product imagery.

Sourdough bread

The only thing we love more than building brands? Baking bread. Pop by our studio for some fresh-made sourdough, straight from the oven.