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Eku Boxes designed by Bart

We're a New York-based design studio—with roots in the Netherlands—specializing in designing consumer products and brands.

From initial idea to final production, we work with you to craft products that blend both form and function with exceptional elegance. We design. We develop. We get it done—nicely.

68 Jay Street, Suite 1006 Brooklyn, NY 11201 +1.347.546.7865 studio@loketdesign.com
Stojo bottle designed by Bart Stojo bottle designed by Bart

Stuff should work. Period. Our industrial design addresses everyday behaviors and modern life.

By blending disciplines, we think deeply about distinctive solutions, so the end-user doesn’t have to think at all.

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Real-world manufacturability is always the primary goal. Our background in engineering means the original design-intent is preserved throughout the development process.

Dynamics Included

Moving parts can add complexity, and also functionality.

Our design approach always weighs both. The end result? A life-enhancing product that's easy to use and love.

Happy woman sitting on a foldable chair Woman drinking wine sitting on a foldable chair

Holistic Branding

From logo-creation to graphics, copy and packaging.

We go beyond product design to build an ownable identity and thumb-stopping brand–whether custom-made or sourced from stock.

Ready for mass production

Mrs Meyer's packaging bottles by Loket Studio Mrs Meyer's packaging bottles by Loket Studio Mrs Meyer's packaging bottles by Loket Studio

And Always designed to get noticed

Our products are not only designed to get made but also receive (the right) attention.

We work with companies of all sizes and locations to create proprietary and—when we're lucky—award-winning solutions. Here are just a few:

reddot award winner Stojo Box

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